Network Segmentation

SegmentationFireRack is the ideal firewall in a segmented network.

The most striking difference between FireRack Firewalls and other firewalls is the high level of security it provides between network segments. Most firewalls are supplied with two internal interfaces, a private and a DMZ (DeMiliterised Zone) port.

FireRack can provide, depending on the needs of the organisation, as few as two or as many as 4096 segments on a single firewall. Large numbers of networks segments is achieved through the use 802.1q switch technology. FireRack firewalls are also available with up to 24 physical network interfaces. Each network segment has a separate set of rules, which is represented in the user interface as a separate Security Zone.

FireRack firewalls are being used in schools and colleges to protect administrative network segments from student segments. They are also being used in large server hosting facilities, providing hundreds of network segments to protect each server from every other server. Equally, they are being used by small to medium sized businesses needing only two or three segments.